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How It Works

Do you constantly look for opportunity to becoming a cleaner in Austin, Texas? Here is the good news; Trustworthy Cleaning Company is a place for cleaners to perform home and office cleaning appointments. We will assign cleaners to perform specific cleaning jobs as per client’s requirements.

But before employing a candidate, Trustworthy Cleaning Company will screen the applicant through background checks and in-person test cleans, and each cleaning is insured in general liability insurance.


You must be trustworthy, dedicated, possess a can-do attitude and have the proven ability to clean efficiently. You must have a strong desire to make the clients happy and satisfied. And most importantly, you must pass our in-depth background check.

Selection Procedure

After taking the quiz, the entire application and on boarding process successfully, which take approximately two weeks,you’ll be making money in no time!

Flexible Hours

You have the freedom to choose when and where you want to work within Trustworthy’s availability. It’s entirely up to you!


Your overall hard work will be compensated according. You will receive competent per hour worked rate plus tips, which will be paid out to you weekly.

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