Whenever possible, we prefer to designate a team to a particular customer to ensure familiarity and consistency. However, due to illness or vacations, this is not always possible.

From our discussions with you, we develop a Client Profile. It consists of a checklist and description of what work and how that work is to be done. Any of our staff cleaning your home will be fully aware of your profile. If changing teams is unavoidable, you shouldn’t see any difference at all.

YES. We accept cash or credit card. We do not accept any other forms of payment, however. Payment is due at the conclusion of our visit.

Because we reserve a time solely for you, please make any schedule changes 48 hours before the day of service to avoid incurring a $40 cancellation fee. We appreciate your understanding.

If we are unaware of an issue, we cannot resolve it. If you are not satisfied with our work, please call us the same day. We will dispatch a team at the earliest convenience to re-clean the area of concern. We will take note of the issue and advise the original team that did the work so it is not repeated.

Even if a re-clean is not necessary, your concerns are helpful in enabling us to meet your expectations. Your business is important to us. We are confident that our strong customer service backgrounds will be an asset in solving any issue to your satisfaction.

It is really up to you. The majority of our customers prefer to leave a key with us and are not at home when we visit.

We will come to an agreement as to what day of the week is best for you and our Master Schedule. Our team will arrive no earlier than 8:30 am and finish no later than 5:30 pm.

We cannot commit to a regular time as we may have cancellations or additional work that particular day. We do try to accommodate special requests – for example, on the next regular visit you have friends coming over at 1 pm and so you wish to have the cleaning done in the morning.

During our on-site visit to generate a quote, we would like to be introduced to your pet. Knowing its name, its character and whether it will be bothered by us working in your house without you being present is important.

We need to find a way so the pet is not upset when we visit and at the same time it does not prevent us from doing our job. We have no problem placing your pet somewhere in the house where it will feel safe and comfortable for the duration of our visit. For others, the preference is to just let the pet be. Either way, we are sure we can work out something, just as we have with our existing customers who have pets.

If you wish, we can call you the night before to remind you. We typically do that for our new customers until our visits become part of their routine and it becomes unnecessary.


Signing a contract before the first cleaning is performed means that any new customer has to take a leap of faith. We do not wish to create such an unnecessary stressful situation. Our customers should not to be locked into a binding contract with terms and conditions.

They should be empowered to cancel our services at any time, for whatever reason, if they feel they wish to. We are confident of the quality and consistency of our work – currently all our customers have complete freedom as they are not under any contract.

Please give us as much notice as possible (at least a week prior) and we will gladly suspend our service for the duration of your vacation, if that is what you wish.

If you want us to continue, we will be happy to empty the mailbox, switch on or off lights, or whatever else that will make your house look like it is occupied.

We would be pleased to accommodate you. However, please note that we do have a fixed amount of employees and that is a very busy period. The earlier you can advise us, the more chance we will be successful at assisting you.

We will be contacting you in advance of the holiday to reschedule.

Most of our customers prefer us using our standard products as it is convenient and cost effective for them. If you wish, we would be pleased to use your own preferred supplies.

We will try our best to accommodate your need to re-schedule during the same week – it really depends on what is available on our Master Schedule. If we cannot find a mutually satisfactory slot, that particular visit will need to be skipped. The next cleaning will occur as usual as per the original schedule. At times, we may need to charge an extra 1/2 to 1 hour to clean your home after a missed visit. If you need to cancel a particular cleaning, please advise us at least 24 hrs in advance.


Mary is on a bi-weekly schedule. She has her home cleaned on Tuesdays. In March, her cleaning falls on Mar 14 and Mar 28. She wishes to re-schedule her Mar 14 cleaning.

  • After reviewing the master schedule, we cannot accommodate Mary’s wish to re-schedule later that week. The Mar 14 visit will be skipped and her next cleaning on Mar 28 will occur as usual. We may have to add an additional 1/2 to 1 hr to the Mar 28 pricing.
  • After reviewing the master schedule, we can accommodate Mary’s wish to re-schedule later that week to Fri Mar 17. Her next cleaning will occur on Mar 28 as per the original schedule and not Mar 31 (2 weeks after Mar 17). No extra time will be required for the Mar 28 cleaning.