Construction Cleaning in Austin, TX

Most homes or offices that undergo construction usually experience a big mess. Construction materials, sawdust, and paint splatter are just some of the leftover items that leave your renovated space feelings anything but new. While contractors should help clean up the mess, most don’t have the labor or time to finish their Austin construction cleaning.

Some homeowners try to tackle the job themselves, but without the proper tools and dedication, construction cleaning seems daunting. Avoid all the hassle and stress by recruiting Trustworthy Cleaning Services for your Austin construction cleaning services. Paint spatter and debris is no match for us – whether they’re on the carpets, floors, tiles, sinks, cabinets, walls, fireplaces, or more. We are aware of proper waste disposal of construction materials so there will be no problems with local authorities.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Benefits of Our Austin Post Construction Cleaning Services

1. No need to worry about the leftover materials

We can aid in the sorting of excess materials. Materials that can still be used will be kept in storage while other are then disposed of. If you are planning to arrange and sorting of the leftover materials, you’ll end up drained for it’s a major job. You may also end up dragging your feet and having an unsuitable living environment.

2. Safe waste disposal

Construction involves utilizing a lot of building materials like chemicals and metals that are going to require appropriate disposal. You won’t have to take care of non-degradable materials that you don’t know how to dispose of properly. We have trained workers who know how to dispose of such chemicals and materials.

3. Right cleaning process

We have the idea on how to properly clean and handle your newly built building. If you are thinking of doing it by yourself, then think again. You do not have the expertise and skill to take care of new walls, freshly waxed floors, new windows and new paint, and you might just end up tarnishing them. It is recommended to let professionals do this kind of work. Newly constructed buildings require the right kind of care.

4. Less hassle

If you need to clean up piles of trash, dirt, and grime from your building before you move in, it may be a time-wasting and exhausting job. It’s ideal to employ us to do it so that moving in will be much easier for you.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services include:

  • Cleaning all inside & outside windows, including the removal of labels, paint, and stain
  • Cleaning all doors, and window tracks and sills
  • Vacuuming and handwashing all hard floor surfaces
  • Cleaning all cabinets and vanities, inside and out
  • Cleaning all closets, shelves, spindles, and railings
  • Cleaning all countertops, mirrors, and sinks
  • Removing debris and vacuuming out floor registers
  • Cleaning all fireplaces, appliances, and light fixtures
  • Cleaning all wall tiles, tubs, and bath fixtures
  • Reporting damaged areas for repair

We, at Trustworthy Cleaning Company, understand that every Austin post construction cleaning is unique and entails maximum attention, and our specialized team accommodates the needs of every client accordingly. Whether you need rough after construction cleaning or just a touch-up cleaning, we can do it! We also offer post construction / renovation cleaning services in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Manor, Leander, Dripping Springs, Kyle, and more!

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