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Don’t let the Hard Water Ruin Your Shower Glass!

Was your bathroom more of a tropical steaming jungle when you left the house this morning? Did you get enough time after shower to clean the foggy shower glass or is this on the weekend’s to-do-list?

A bathroom that looks lavish and luxurious is always gratifying to the eye, especially when it has sparkling shower glass doors. Nevertheless, from time to time erasing the calcium hard water spots and soap scum from the glass can be strenuous, but with daily frequent cleaning you shouldn’t require to use a large amount of elbow grease.

Situated in a damp and moisture-laden environment, shower doors are more susceptible to the growth of mildew. Not to mention the soap scum that rapidly accumulates and in no time you’ve got quite a cleaning job in front of you. Cleaning the shower glass isn’t the most famous of household chores, but is definitely one of the crucial ones. Shower doors at times can be extremely stubborn to clean, with hard water stains and spots. Something to consider is that it doesn’t matter how old the shower actually is, the appearance depends more on how it is cared for.

In order to keep a shower looking brand new, the first thing to do is to prevent the build up of hard water. Hard water stains can easily be prevented, however many people overlook their significance in the maintenance of a clean and tidy looking bathroom. Also known as ‘lime scale’, the hard water splashes result when the hard water droplets dry onto the glass surface. The water evaporates, leaving the minerals behind. Hard water is troublesome for multiple reasons, but particularly in a bathroom it’s problematic because it provides an adherent surface for the soap scum to stick to, resulting in a faster build up of soap scum. Soap scum is basically a blend of soap with minerals and lime scale not only makes the soap scum stick, but generates a greater amount of soap scum altogether.

If ignored for a long period of time, this soap scum can leach into the grout, and it may become impossible to remove it. On top of that, it can also result in discolouration of the tiles and ceramic. As this soapy concoction piles up on the shower door, it can result in etching and irreparable damage to the glass. If your shower glass has a cloudy appearance, then you can tell that hard water is the culprit. Cleaning the shower door will remove the build-up but cannot revoke the etching which is why prevention in the first place is crucial after everyday usage. The best part about daily maintenance is that shower won’t require deep cleaning frequently and the glass will stay glossy and sparkly. However life happens and when it does, chores like regular maintenance can take a backseat. Unfortunately if the damage is beyond repair, then it means that a basic squeegee is not sufficient to get the shower door back to being squeaky cleaned. Our cleaning service provides a holistic deep cleaning of the entire house including those obstinate shower doors, assisting in the maintenance of a vibrant and hygienic environment. With everything looking brand new, your shower will become a much more pleasant place to spend time in.