Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

You just completed a construction project and can now enjoy your new residential or commercial space. However, while this is the time to take in the new setting, it’s also important to go through a checklist of what must be done for post-construction cleaning.

Post-construction checklists typically contain every area of the newly constructed area and what to check for. Examining every area and determining if something is dirty or inadequate is important. Here are some key areas to check and what to check for in each.

Entrances and Exits

Arguably the most important area to check after construction is complete, entrances and exits should be clean and operational. Should an emergency occur, you’ll need to be able to exit the building without any hassles in the way. You’ll want to make sure the lights are functional and dusted so the area can be clearly lit. Also, windows and doors should be wiped down if you’re expecting company, as a dirty window could drive away potential guests.

Living Area

As expected, you’ll be spending most of your time in the living area. You and your guests will spend time here, and you don’t want to surround yourself with dirty furniture, trash, or other debris. Just like your entrances and exits, you’ll want your windows and doors clean and functional. Any trash should be removed, and if you notice any paint stains, remove these as best as you can. Your lights should also be operational and clear of any dust. Be sure to vacuum your carpets efficiently, as any small debris can slowly build up over time.


Bathrooms are one of the most difficult areas in the home or office space to keep clean. However, clean bathrooms are more inviting, and since these are used multiple times daily, you’ll want to ensure they’re kept clean and working. Use sanitizers on the toilets, bathtub, shower, and sinks. The cabinets and mirrors should be wiped down and clear of any stains. The bathroom floor should also be mopped regularly, as slipping on the floor in a small room can be very dangerous.


Kitchens are also used multiple times a day and must be kept clean after a construction project is finished. There are several areas to inspect and clean, including cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove. You can use detergent to clean the stove, fridge, and dishwasher. Degreaser solution can clean any debris from your oven, and you can use disinfectant on the other areas of your kitchen. Be sure also to clean any new additions, such as backsplash tiles, added during the construction project with disinfectant.


It’s understandable to want to relax in your bedroom after a long construction project has been completed, but you must inspect the area after completion. Any debris or trash should be removed as soon as possible, and plenty of areas need to be dusted down, including ceiling fans, air vents, shelves, light fixtures, and grates. Baseboards can be wiped with a cleaning solution, as these can accumulate dirt. Closets can also bring in a significant amount of debris, so be sure to clear the floors and shelves in this area.

Other High-Traffic Areas

For areas in the home or workspace that are used frequently, such as lobbies or hallways, be sure to inspect these areas more thoroughly. Several people pass through these areas daily, and with that comes debris and wear and tear. Also, these areas can leave a negative first impression if kept untidy. For example, if you’re planning to meet with a potential client, they may be turned off if they immediately enter the building and step in the dirt. Be sure to have your floors and windows cleaned, and all lights in these areas should always be operational.

Outdoor Areas

Construction projects can accumulate a lot of debris, and your outdoor areas must also be tidy. Any trash or dirt should be cleared out of the way, including anything in your garage or on your porch. Any construction tools such as tape, plastic, or packaging should also be clear from the area. If you use a welcome mat outside your door, be sure to clean it every once in a while, as a dirty/deteriorating mat could influence your curb appeal.

Hire Our Post Construction Cleaning Team to Help

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